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The 4 best applications for live Streaming on Facebook and YouTube 2023

The technique or application you will use to perform the best live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to broadcast live on either platform. Although there are many live streaming apps available for Facebook and YouTube, not all of them provide the quality and performance that users are looking for. The best of these applications are now presented to you in this article

The best online live streaming applications 

1. GoliveIndia Streaming App

It is one of the best applications to Live Streaming video on the internet this application that you can easily use to broadcast any video on Facebook and YouTube. Goliveindia is a Live streaming platform with a presence in India for instant live streaming on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc. The goal of Golive India streaming app is to enable users to stream video to any social media account from anywhere.

  •  Live Stream YouTube Video On Facebook page by link
  • Live Stream Facebook Video On YouTube Channel by link
  • Live Stream on Facebook and YouTube at same time by link
  • Live pre-Recorded video on Facebook page and profile
  • Live pre-Recorded video on YouTube channel
  • Live pre-Recorded video on Facebook and YouTube at the same time
  • Live stream with camera on Facebook and YouTube at same time

Users are able to broadcast online on social media using Go Live India by uploading a downloaded video or a link. By choosing an option from the application, users can go live on several pages, channels, or profiles at once and control the video iteration at that moment. Go Live India Users can instantly Live streaming without having to wait.

Omlet Arcade app

2. Omlet Arcade app

One of the greatest software for streaming games together with other media, including instructional tutorials and others, over the Internet. Without creating an account, you can watch other users play. The application has a simple user interface and offers a variety of choices for customizing it and including the components that players require.

The program, as they mentioned, makes it easier for players to communicate with one another. You can also use it to invite people to watch your game broadcast. It also supports a variety of games, including PUBG Mobile, Fortnight, Minecraft, Brawl Stars, Roblox, and others. It provides several live broadcasts on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

DU Live recorder app

3. DU Live recorder app

You can broadcast and record footage of games, live shows, football matches, and other activities on the Internet by using the screen recording and live broadcasting tools available on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You may acquire high-quality video recording and it enables audio recording as well.

It provides a variety of options for deciding how private the live broadcast will be, lets you choose either general or category-specific settings, and supports the facecame tool for recording videos. and assistance with Replaykit for live game broadcasting. In addition to live streaming, it also enables the recording of video clips and their subsequent editing, including the inclusion of music, pastes, and speed adjustments.

Mobizen Live application

4. Mobizen Live application

The user interface of the Mobizen Live app was created specifically for live YouTube streaming. Simply go into your Google account to launch the program and begin broadcasting. Additionally, it makes it possible for the application to be connected to a YouTube account and offers two alternatives after installation: broadcasting the camera or the phone screen. One of its highlights is that when clicking the start button, you may share the live broadcast on several platforms or go directly to YouTube.


In conclusion, choosing the right apps may significantly enhance the quality and reach of your broadcasts when live streaming on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. In this regard, we’ve explored four top-tier applications, each of which offers special benefits and features.

What are the best applications for live streaming on Facebook and YouTube?

GoliveIndia, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, and Wirecast are the top applications for live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. For live streaming, these programs provide a variety of features and functionalities.

Are these applications free to use?

The OBS Studio and the GoliveIndia Streaming software are open-source and cost-free to use. The XSplit and goliveindia provide free versions with constrained features in addition to premium versions with more comprehensive functionality.

What are some key features of Golive India for live streaming?

Goliveindia streaming app is known for its versatility and features like scene switching, video and audio sources, transitions, and support for plugins and custom scripts.

What makes Streamlabs OBS unique for live streaming?

An integrated solution with features like overlays, notifications, and widgets is provided by Streamlabs OBS. Both inexperienced and seasoned streamers can utilize it easily.

What are the benefits of using XSplit for live streaming?

High-quality video production, scene preview editing, and a user-friendly interface are all provided by XSplit. It’s perfect for individuals who want to build successful streams.

Why might someone choose Wirecast for live streaming?

Professional streamers and broadcasters should consider Wirecast because of its cutting-edge features, which include support for numerous cameras, real-time editing, and strong production skills.









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