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How to Easily Live Your YouTube Video on Your Facebook Page – GoLiveIndia

How to Easily Live Your YouTube Video on Your Facebook Page _GoLiveIndia

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of various online platforms has transformed the way we communicate and conduct business. This seamless fusion of social media, instant messaging, media sharing, voice and video calling has made connecting with friends, family, and colleagues across the globe a breeze. One remarkable aspect of this digital era is the ability to live stream video content, enabling real-time interactions from GoLiveIndia – Stream Anywhere . As technology advances at an astonishing pace, we now have the capability to engage with hundreds of friends and followers simultaneously through live video streaming applications and software.

Gone are the days when social networking was limited to sharing text updates, scrolling through news feeds, chatting with friends, and uploading photos and short videos to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The realm of social media has evolved significantly, introducing innovative features that go beyond traditional networking and communication.

The latest trend in the digital sphere is live streaming, allowing users to broadcast live content at any time and from anywhere. Facebook Live and the more recent Facebook Watch have emerged as prominent players in this arena, empowering content creators and celebrities to connect with their audience in real time.

Moreover, live streaming has gained substantial popularity across various domains, including educational tutorials, music performances, and cooking shows. As a result, an increasing number of people are turning to live streaming apps to fulfill these diverse purposes.

The Best Facebook Live Streaming Apps

In response to the growing demand for Facebook Live streaming, developers worldwide have capitalized on this opportunity by creating online tools that enable users to effortlessly stream videos from their smartphones, tablets, PCs, or laptops, regardless of their location. GoliveIndia tools are designed to complement Facebook’s services, benefiting both users and the platform itself.

Now, let’s delve into the details of the Goliveindi live streaming tool, providing you with comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines to simplify the process of live streaming your videos on Facebook.

Register for Your Streaming Account

  1. Sign Up for an Account: Begin by visiting the Google Play Store and searching for the Goliveindi application. Alternatively, you can go to the website and navigate to the menu bar, where you should click on “Sign Up Free.” Follow the instructions to complete the registration process by providing the required information.
  2. Log In: After successfully registering, log in to your account. Keep in mind that before you start your live stream, you’ll need to establish a connection between your live stream account and your social network accounts, with a specific focus on linking your Facebook account.

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Step 1: Choose Your Video Source

At the top of the options bar, click on “Go Live.” This action will present you with three options: “From Link Video,” “From Local Video,” and “From Camera.”

  • From Link Video: In this option, you can insert video links from platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Simply paste the desired link into the provided box and click “Live Now.”
  • From Local Video: This option allows you to select a new video that hasn’t been previously posted on any platform. After uploading the video, write a title and description, and click “Live Now.”

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Once the video is loaded, you have the option to modify the title and description as per your preference.

Step 2: Customize Your Stream

Customize your video livestream using the following options:

  • Loop Option: Choose between “No Loop” or “Infinite Loop” based on your preference. “Infinite Loop” ensures the video plays continuously until the livestream duration ends.
  • Resolution Selection: Select from various resolutions, such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p, based on your subscription plan.
  • Add Text: Insert your desired text and adjust the size and position settings for subtitles.
  • Add Image: Enhance your livestream by adding your brand name or logo.

golive india

Step 3: Determine Your Broadcast Destination

Under the “Destination” option, decide whether you want to post to your profile, YouTube, or a Facebook Page. For Facebook posting, you can choose from your profile or a Facebook Page.

To modify your account settings, simply click the downward arrow within the “Destination” box.

Once you’ve made all your selections regarding your account, destination, title, and description, click “Go Live” to initiate the live streaming of your videos on Facebook.

In conclusion, the digital landscape has evolved to provide us with powerful tools like Goliveindi, making it effortless to share your YouTube videos on your Facebook page and engage with your audience in real time. Embrace the world of live streaming and expand your online presence today!


In conclusion, the digital landscape has evolved to provide us with powerful tools like Goliveindi, making it effortless to share your YouTube videos on your Facebook page and engage with your audience in real time. Embrace the world of live streaming and expand your online presence today! By utilizing these user-friendly steps and innovative platforms, you can seamlessly bridge the gap between your YouTube content and your Facebook audience, fostering deeper connections and broader reach in the ever-evolving digital realm. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to captivate your viewers with live content—start streaming and sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook today to unlock new horizons of engagement and success.

Q1: What is Goliveindi?

A1: Goliveindi is an online streaming tool that allows users to seamlessly stream videos from various sources, including YouTube, to their Facebook accounts. It simplifies the process of sharing your YouTube content on Facebook in real time.

Q2: Do I need to download Goliveindi to use it?

A2: No, you don’t need to download any software. Goliveindi is accessible through its website or mobile app, making it convenient for users to stream content without installation.

Q3: Is Goliveindi free to use?

A3:yes – Goliveindi offers a free plan ,sign-up option, it may have limitations based on your subscription plan. They also provide premium plans with additional features and benefits.

Q4: Can I use Goliveindi for live streaming on platforms other than Facebook?

A4: Yes, Goliveindi supports live streaming to various platforms, including YouTube, making it versatile for content creators who want to engage with audiences on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Q5: How can I ensure the quality of my live stream using Goliveindi?

A5: Goliveindi allows you to select your preferred resolution, such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p, depending on your subscription plan. Choosing a higher resolution can enhance the quality of your live stream.

Q6: Can I customize my live stream on Goliveindi?

A6: Yes, you can customize your live stream by adding text, images, and modifying the title and description as per your preference. Goliveindi provides options to make your stream more engaging and informative.

Q7: Is Goliveindi secure and reliable for live streaming?

A7: Goliveindi takes security seriously and ensures a reliable streaming experience. However, it’s essential to follow best practices for online security and adhere to Facebook’s and YouTube’s policies when using the platform.

Q8: Can I schedule my live streams in advance with Goliveindi?

A8: Goliveindi may offer scheduling options depending on your subscription plan. Scheduling can be a useful feature to notify your audience in advance about upcoming live streams.

Q9: How do I link my Facebook account to Goliveindi?

A9: To link your Facebook account, follow the instructions provided by Goliveindi during the registration process. Establishing this connection is crucial for seamless live streaming on Facebook.

Q10: What types of content are suitable for live streaming on Facebook with Goliveindi?

A10: Goliveindi is versatile and can be used for various types of content, including tutorials, product demonstrations, interviews, music performances, and more. It’s a great way to connect with your Facebook audience in real time.



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