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How to create a business account on Snapchat Business? The complete guide

It is natural to ask yourself, is Snapchat marketing important and necessary for your business? The answer is, absolutely yes. Snapchat is a social media platform that attracts a large user base from various groups around the world, and the number of its active users is rising rapidly. the number of platform users reached 332 million daily active users around the world, according to Snapchat’s quarterly earnings report for 2023.

Marketing through Snapchat took a major position after the platform ranked ninth in the datareportal classification of the most active social media platforms in the world. This is after advertisers could reach 589.4 million Snapchat users in April 2023.

Therefore, we emphasized that your business now needs marketing through Snapchat to reach the large audience base that this application has around the world, which means its ability to increase your sales and thus your profits. In this guide, we will explain to you what the Snapchat application is, how it works, how to market your business via Snapchat, and the different types of Snapchat ads.

What is the Snapchat application?

What is the Snapchat application?

SnapChat is an application created by Daniel Smith and his team at Stanford University that allows its users to take photos and record video clips, which are called snaps, then add a description or subtitle to them and send them to specific individuals. Snapchat also provides its users with the ability to set a time limit for displaying these photos and video clips, so that they are then removed from the Snapchat server and the recipient’s device, which enhances the security feature for users who are concerned about the possibility of storing their photos on the Internet, or using them without their permission

Snapchat is the most popular application among teenagers from around the world, among other well-known social media platforms such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , WhatsApp , and Messenger. Therefore, it is recommended to use Snapchat marketing if your business mainly targets teenagers and young adults. Recently, it has succeeded in having a huge user base around the world. As we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, the number of Snapchat users has reached 332 million daily active users around the world.

The application includes many innovative features that greatly distinguish it from other social media networks and applications, including Stories (photos or video clips that can be replayed for 24 hours), Memories (photos saved for future viewing and sharing), and filters and stickers (to decorate messages). 

How do you use Snapchat? How does it work?

Before we explain Snapchat marketing and how to market your business via Snapchat, you must learn how to use the application to share your moments or business events.

Some – if not many – see the Snapchat application as one of the difficult applications to deal with and use and that it is a frustrating application to learn, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They may have the right to do so, as the application interface and the way it is used are completely different from other social media applications.

For example, we find that there is no real navigation within the application, as swiping left or right takes you to a new section of the application. Not only that, we also find that buttons and actions are controlled by icons without labels, as is the case in the Facebook and Instagram applications, for example.

Therefore, many people prefer to return to using other applications, where it is easy to use and things seem easy and simple. However, even if this is true, the Snap application is an application worth using and relying on, especially if used for the purpose of reaching customers for your e-commerce store or promoting your brand among teenagers and young people from different countries of the world. These reasons make Snapchat marketing an urgent necessity to increase your sales and achieve your business goals.

How do you use Snapchat? How does it work?

What are the steps to create a business account on Snapchat Business?

You need to create a business account for your business on Snapchat in order to start using the app in your marketing campaigns for your online store . Or marketing through Snap in general, running ads for your activity or brand, and benefiting from the large fan base that the application enjoys.

No matter the size of your business or business, it doesn’t matter much in this regard. The most important thing is to have a Snapchat Business account. Creating a business account is extremely important for your business, given that this account provides you with special features within the Snapchat platform that enable you to perform your marketing work very effectively. This is not only what you will gain from creating a Snapchat Business account, as it also gives you access to more features that will support your marketing and advertising strategy.

Among the advantages of creating a business account on Snapchat, but not limited to the following:

  • Advertising on Snapchat through Ads Manager. This makes many tasks easier for you while managing advertising campaigns using the platform.
  • Age targeting for your custom creations to reach your desired and targeted audience who is interested in the goods, products, or even services you offer. 
  • Location targeting for your custom creatives to reach an audience in a specific region. 

Creating a business account on Snapchat for your business or online store is very easy and does not require much effort or time. Below are the most important steps and procedures required to own a Snapchat Business account:

1. Download the application on your phone

First, you need to download the Snapchat application on your mobile phone, by searching for the free application in the App Store (for iOS devices) or in the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

2. Create a personal account on Snapchat

After downloading the free application on your mobile phone, you are now creating a regular account on the application, which requires you to enter a set of personal data necessary to complete the registration process on the platform.

After entering the application, just click “Register” and enter your first and last name. You must be 13 years or older to use the tool, so on the next screen, you will be asked for your date of birth.

Once you have completed entering all the required data and filling out the fields, including your email address, phone number, and setting the secret password through which you can access your personal account after completing its creation, as well as choosing your own username that will appear to other users on the application from different countries of the world, Thus, you have created a Snapchat account.

Once your account is verified, you can set up your new profile. Tap the app itself _Ghost_ icon at the top of the app (or swipe down from the camera screen) to access the main menu, then tap your Snapcode. The Snapcode is your verification code that the application gives you in order to easily find your friends, followers, or even customers of your online store or brand by exchanging this code with them easily, conveniently, and effectively.

This step is necessary to be able to market via Snap effectively and successfully, just like the rest of the preliminary steps and procedures for this goal.

3. Create a business account

Once you have a personal account on Snapchat, it is easy to create a business account for your brand, business, or e-commerce store.

Once you have an account, set up your Snapchat Business account by accessing the Ads Manager.

You’ll log in using the same username and password you set up for your regular Snapchat account.

You will then be directed to a page asking you to enter the legal name of your business, choose the country in which you will operate your business and choose your currency.

After that, a business account is automatically created, and your store or brand already has an official business account on the Snapchat platform.

4. Start capturing and running ad campaigns

After completing all of the above, there will be nothing left that hinders you from taking your photos and videos or those related to the nature of your brand or what you sell on the online store, and there is nothing that prevents you from running advertising campaigns on the application.

You’re now ready to create advertising campaigns to help you reach your target audience and start designing fun and unique content that matches the tone of your business. This is what we will explain in detail in the coming paragraphs in the stations following this one.

We have already completed the preliminary steps and procedures required for marketing via Snapchat with ease and effectiveness. Now, we move on to learn about Snapchat ads and their most prominent types.

What are the steps to create a business account on Snapchat Business?

Marketing via Snapchat and advertising on the application

The Snapchat application as a social media platform was not preferred by many to run their ads through for some time, and therefore marketing through Snapchat was not popular with many. This is something that many people attributed to advertisers for many reasons.

But with the developments and updates that the company has made to its platform by creating new formats and launching an API that simplifies the advertising and content creation processes through agency partners on the application, all of this has played a role in significantly shifting to its use in promotional advertisements by many advertisers and brand owners. Commercial and electronic stores around the world.

Not only were new and continuous updates the reason for the platform’s position among advertisers, but also the wide spread and increasing number of users owning the mobile video space. All of this played a major role in this position as the preferred advertising platform among all social media platforms.

Despite this, there are completely different things in the Snapchat advertising platform or in electronic marketing via Snapchat than on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We note that the application’s advertising options are limited and do not compete as required with other platforms, in addition to the high cost compared to other platforms.


To sum up, setting up a business account on Snapchat Business is a simple process that provides a variety of chances for marketing and promoting your company to a younger and highly engaged audience. You may create a significant presence on the platform, utilize Snapchat’s advertising tools, and engage potential customers in a distinctive and dynamic way by following the instructions provided in this article.








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