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7 simple ideas How to make curly hair without a hairdresser

Curly hair styling is a joyful process that promotes individual expression and creativity. A lot of people look for ways to accept their natural curls without having to go to the hair salon. It is not only possible to achieve gorgeous curls at home with the correct methods and equipment, but it can also be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Some women are lucky to have naturally wavy hair that does not require any effort to show its beauty. Some of them have natural waves, but they suffer from “frizz.” Hair that spoils the shape of the waves, some of them have straight hair, and they try to make it curly using a hair iron. Every hair has a different nature, and in this article I will explore you 7 simple ideas How to make curly hair without a hairdresser

Preparation for Styling Curly Hair

Collecting the required supplies and equipment is essential before beginning any DIY curly hair style projects. Knowing what type of hair you have is essential since it helps you choose the right products. Having a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and style gel or cream is essential regardless of the type of hair you have—wavy, curly, or coyly.

How to make curly hair with natural waves

If you are blessed with perfect waves, then this method is suitable for you. While washing your hair, comb your hair well with a wide-toothed comb, as well as while using conditioner and cream bath, then dry your hair, but do not use a regular towel; Because it leads to the appearance of “Hisham” Use a cotton T-shirt, wrapping it around your head to absorb excess water from your hair, until your hair is moist, so it is neither completely wet nor completely dry, then use the appropriate cream for you.

After that, keep in mind not to use any kind of comb or brush on your hair to maintain the waves’ organic form. The only way you can manipulate and coordinate them is with your fingers.

How to make curly hair with braids

Comb your damp hair well and use your favorite hair cream to give it some moisture, then divide it into eight equal sections in the form of braids. You can increase or decrease the number of braids depending on the density of your hair and according to your desire for the shape of the waves. If you want to get thin waves, make more braids with less thickness. If you want to get wide waves, make fewer and thicker braids, then leave your hair to dry overnight or use a hair dryer to dry the hair faster. Untie the braids and rub them slightly with your fingers until you get the right shape.

How to make curly hair by twisting

The twisting method is another one from the list of easy ideas to make curly hair. Divide your hair into multiple portions, then take a strand from each area and wrap it around the next, fixing it with bobby pins. After going to bed with the wrapped strands, use your fingers to untie and straighten them in the morning.

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How to make curly hair with a bun

Section your hair as in braids, but instead of making braids, make small buns and secure them with hairpins. In the morning, untie them and style them with your fingers

How to make curly hair with braids and a bun together

If you’re in a hurry, you can split your hair into two sections, create two braids, twist each braid into a bun, use a blow dryer to properly dry your hair, let it sit that way for twenty minutes, then untie it and make sure you use a holding product.

How to make curly hair with ribbons

Cut a cotton T-shirt into lengthwise strips, divide your hair into small strands, wrap them around the strips and tie them, leave them to dry, then untie them.

How to make curly hair with rollers

Divide your hair into small strands, wrap those strands around the roller during the night, then untie them and comb them with your fingers.

Techniques for Natural Curly Hair

Numerous techniques accommodate various sorts of curls. To promote distinct curls, for example, the twisting method involves twisting pieces of hydrated hair. The pineapple method gathers hair at the crown and uses a loose scrunchie to preserve curls. It is appropriate for nighttime upkeep. Furthermore, the plopping technique, which involves using a T-shirt or microfiber towel, improves curl definition as hair dries.

Using Heatless Methods for Curly Hair

Style can be done more gently with treatments that don’t use heat. Using a diffuser for faster results, or braiding damp hair and letting it air dry, is the braiding technique. Similarly, bouncy curls can be produced without heat damage by employing the roller setting method with foam or flexi rods.

Styling Curly Hair with Hair Accessories

Curly hairstyles can be made look better by adding accessories. Scarves or headbands help control loose hair or frizz in addition to being stylish. In addition, imaginative use of clips or hairpins enables fun and fashionable designs that hold curls in place all day.

Maintenance Tips for Curly Hair

It’s important to properly hydrate and condition your curls to keep them looking luxurious and healthy. Well-defined curls are a result of frequent deep conditioning treatments and the use of leave-in conditioners. Curls can be preserved over night by establishing a nocturnal habit, such as sleeping on a silk pillowcase or scarfing hair with silk.

  • Divide your hair widthwise into two halves, create a bun with the upper half, and leave the rest of the hair loose.
  • Style your hair in a high ponytail, as this hairstyle gives a beautiful look with curly hair.
  • Style your hair to the side and leave it fully loose.
  • Make a high bun, which gives a wonderful look.
  • Take a section of the top of your hair and make a braid out of it, leaving the rest of the hair loose.


Styling curly hair without a hairdresser is an empowering journey. Experimentation with different techniques and products can lead to discovering what works best for your unique curls. Embrace the versatility of curly hair and enjoy the freedom to express yourself through various styles.


  1. Is it necessary to use specific products for curly hair?While specialized products for curly hair can be beneficial, some general products like moisturizing shampoos and conditioners work well for many curly hair types.
  2. How often should I wash my curly hair?Washing frequency varies based on personal preference and hair type. Some individuals prefer washing every few days, while others might wash less frequently to maintain natural oils.
  3. Can I use heat styling tools on curly hair occasionally?Using heat styling tools occasionally with proper heat protectants should not harm curly hair, but frequent use may lead to damage.
  4. What should I do if my curls are frizzy?Applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum can help manage frizz. Additionally, avoiding towel-drying vigorously and using a microfiber towel or T-shirt can reduce frizz.
  5. How can I revive flattened curls during the day?Spritzing a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner can help reactivate curls. Gently scrunching hair with your hands can also revitalize flattened curls.





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