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Why the Dead Sea was called by that name ?

Why the Dead Sea was called by that name ? The Dead Sea is a closed salt lake located in the Jordan Valley, on the border between Jordan and Palestine. Its shore level is about 400 meters below sea level, so it is considered the lowest point on the surface of the Earth, reaching the width of the sea .The Dead Sea reaches 17 km at its maximum, while its length is 70 km, and its area reached 650 km2 in 2010.

This area has shrunk over the past four decades by more than 35%, and the salinity percentage in the Dead Sea is 34.2%, which represents 9 times the concentration of salts in the sea. The Mediterranean, so the Dead Sea is characterized by its high salinity, and the desert climate of the region in which the Dead Sea is located, which is characterized by drought, high temperature, and high evaporation rates, helped increase the percentage of salts in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is considered one of the most important factors that help stimulate industry and tourism in the region. The composition of its water is different from natural water, which made it work in factories in Jordan and Palestine, as its water contains a high percentage of potassium and calcium.

Regarding the tourist and historical importance of the Dead Sea region, it is due to the nature of the sea itself and its picturesque beaches, where there are many important archaeological and religious monuments such as Khirbet Qumran, the cave of the Prophet Lot and Masada, in addition to the climate prevailing in the region and the picturesque natural formations. All of these factors helped in making the Dead Sea a point Attracting international tourism, especially in the field of medical tourism.

Why the Dead Sea was called by that name ?

Lovers of the sea and picturesque beaches were interested in knowing the reason behind calling the Dead Sea by this name. As usual, rumors differed and myths and legends appeared. Some scientific reasons for naming the sea by this name also appeared. Some scientists said that the Dead Sea was given this name because of the extreme salinity, and therefore fish and creatures cannot Marine life lives in it.

The Dead Sea is devoid of all living creatures, unlike all other seas. Some people said that in the past, they landed a small submarine in it, and because of the high degree of salinity, the submarine sank. Also, ships that travel in the Dead Sea quickly rust, so small boats cannot You walk in the Dead Sea because you will sink quickly. Despite this, there are some people who prefer to swim in the Dead Sea because the degree of salinity prevents the body from drowning. However, if his eyes are affected by sea water, he loses his sight for a short period.

Some legends have also spread about calling the Dead Sea by this name. Some say this is because the Dead Sea is the place where God Almighty swallowed up the people of Lot. There is a large statue of a woman looking back. Everyone who goes to the Dead Sea sees this statue, so everyone who… He passes through that area quickly because it is the area of ​​torment for the people of our Prophet Lot, peace be upon him.

As one of the scientists said, the movement of the waves of the Dead Sea is different from the rest of the seas, as it does not have significant waves, it is always calm and its movement is weak, and the soil that is found in the Dead Sea area consists of two heterogeneous soils, which leads to the divergence of the tectonic plates. The release of radioactive methane gas, which mixes with seawater and increases its salinity.

The Dead Sea will die again

All scientists have confirmed that after twenty years people will go to the Dead Sea but will not find it. The waters of the Dead Sea recede annually by 70 cm, while in years of drought it recedes by one meter, which sooner or later leads to the Dead Sea completely drying up and disappearing. The reason for this is due to Israel uses large quantities of water from the Jordan River, which under normal conditions must reach the Dead Sea, in order to compensate for the water it loses in the evaporation process.

How did dead sea get its name?

The Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on Earth’s surface, got its name from its very salinity, which makes it impossible for most types of aquatic life to survive in its waters. Its high evaporation rate in the area, which leads to the accumulation of minerals and salts over generations, is the source of its salinity, which is around ten times higher than that of ordinary ocean water.

The lack of apparent life in the waters of the “Dead Sea” is another reason for the name, as the extremely high concentration of salt makes it unsuitable for supporting fish or other marine species. Its distinctive quality has long attracted the attention of researchers and tourists, earning it the title of one of nature’s wonders of the world.


In conclusion, the unique characteristics and composition that set apart this exceptional body of water are the source of the name “Dead Sea.” The Dead Sea, so named because of its harsh environment and very high salt content, is an unpleasant place with little aquatic life. This famous geographic feature has piqued people’s interest for ages due to its scientific marvels as well as its historical and cultural relevance.







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